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(incl. community, public and affordable housing)

This category acknowledges excellence within social housing projects which have been developed in the last three years enabling stability and sustainability within communities. Projects will have provided homes for traditional families, lone-parent families, the elderly, homeless and disabled people. It will also have succeeded in its aims to provide a high standard of accommodation whilst relieving a local housing need as well as establishing and maintaining socially integrated communities rather than just shelter or accommodation.

  • Outline the social housing development from planning to final execution highlighting challenges you may have faced including time constraints, budgets, and accommodation requirements. (40%)                                      
  • Outline the construction of the development including the design and sustainability of the building and its impact on its surrounding environment in the community. (30%)
  • Describe how the project responds to the needs of the local community, the variety of tenants housed, how their needs are met through ease of access within the building and to local services. (30%)