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This category recognises pioneering or innovative approaches to sustainable energy; this can range from a unique energy awareness campaign, a forward-thinking approach to retrofitting, inclusion of renewable energy technology, improvements to existing energy-management techniques, novel ways of communicating energy information or the implementation of an ambitious energy management policy. By promoting the use of energy in an intelligent and advanced way, this category recognises the efforts by a local authority (either council-wide, by department or even by an individual) to become more energy-smart in how it operates on a day-to-day basis, with demonstrated savings in energy. The project should be exemplary in its field and should be easily replicated in other organisations.

  • Does this project demonstrate a smart or forward-thinking approach to the sustainable use of energy? (30%)
  • Does this project apply unique and innovative methods that have previously not been used before? (30%)
  • Is this project exemplary in its field, can it lead by example? Can this project be easily replicated in other local authorities? (40%)