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This category aims to find the best Irish business working in the community who has recognised a wider responsibility to their people and the communities in which they work. This can be by helping communities by having a positive impact on the people and community around them and working with integrity and responsibility. The business may be involved in charitable and community activities by for example supporting a local club through sponsorship or raising money for a local charity group

  • Tell us about the business, and specifically how it engages with the three pillars of ‘People, Planet, Profit’: In regards to ‘People’, how does the business interact with the community in a social respect, and what is the business’ relationship with the local council? (40%)
  • Planet’: Does the business endorse environmental responsibility, and adopt third-party certifications, such as Fair Trade? Refer to any reductions of resources, and levels of energy use and waste. (30%)
  • ‘Profit’: How has the business assisted the local community in economic terms? Has the business create new jobs, or ensured job security? (30%)