Local politics: then and now

Cllr Mary Hilda Cavanagh discusses the changing nature of a councillor’s life over four decades. When comparing life as a councillor in 2017 with 1974, there are a number of key differences. In 1974, a councillor was a respected and valued member of his/her community. They received no salary and precious little in the line[…]

Minister responds to LAMA on allowances

Minister of State for Local Government and Electoral Reform John Paul Phelan has responded to LAMA’s request for an update on councillors’ pay and allowances. LAMA has expressed to the Minister that this issue has prolonged beyond a timeframe of reasonable conclusion. The Minister understood the issues and asked for continued patience on the matter.[…]

Best Health & Well-being Initiative

This category recognises and celebrates organisations/individuals that have developed activities, facilities, policies and strategies that encourage an active community, as well as promoting mental or physical or emotional health. Outline the project/facility and/or activity that was put in place to improve the health & well being of the community. Tell us how the project/facility and/or[…]

Best Irish Language Destination

This category recognises Gaeltacht areas and Irish speaking communities/businesses that educate students, families and visitors. These communities and businesses register traditional Irish skills – from music to crafts and sport. Outline the importance of the Irish Language in the community/area. Describe how the community/area have benefited from the use of the Irish Language – social,[…]