Best Connected Community

This category will recognise the community that is connected to councils, businesses and each other, can access services easily and quickly and communicate activities and events taking place in the area with the click of a mouse. This category will take into account a community’s use of social media and websites that promote community initiatives,[…]

Best Public Building

Sponsored By: This category is for an innovative new public building which has been completed in the past 3 years. This building may offer the local community services and amenities that were not available previously, or could be state of the art in its design and layout. This building may have a cultural or historical[…]

Best Public Park

This category recognises the redevelopment or enhancement of a green area. It may in-corporate scenic views, playground facilities, enhanced landscapes, walkways, or other recreational facilities which may add to the aesthetic, cultural, historical or social value of the park and the surrounding communities Tell us about the Public Park’s design – why it was designed[…]

Best Heritage Project

This category is for a project that has restored a historical site, or has been historically/culturally significant, which has been completed in the past 3 years. Tell us about the construction of the project, as well as the reasons for the design and it’s artistic merit – why were these used? Tell us about the[…]

Best Educational Building

This category is for an educational building that has been upgraded or completed in the past 3 years. This educational building may have unique elements, or an innovative and interesting layout conducive to learning. This building may also be situated in a community that will greatly benefit from either its construction or the amenities provided[…]

Local Sports Club of the Year

This category is for a public funded sports club which offers all members of the community the best possible service, coaching and facilities, all in a community environment based on the core values of integrity, camaraderie, respect and enjoyment. The sports club should aim to develop and sustain an active life service which impacts positively[…]